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Pokemon Go + 30yo Male

Well today has been an interesting day, for some time I have wondered what the whole #PokemonGO phase was about so I decided to put the app on my phone. BIG MISTAKE.

Seriously you have to go around and see rustling in bushes which means there could be a Pokemon about. The aim is to catch as many different ones as you can. When you come across a Pokemon you have to try and capture it. This happens by throwing a ball and trying to capture the creature.

It’s so addictive, me and 3 other mates all grown men walking around the office carpark trying to find these Pokemon! I don’t even like Pokemon!

I ever found one at my desk at work!

So yeah…if you want to have a life, not get addicted then DO NOT download the app onto your phone. Your life will be over!

New beginning

Well after my last post “Stressed I think” I’ve had a lot of time to think about things and how I am going to continue! I’ve realised that it is work that is making me into someone I’m not, I’ve had lots of rants to people about how I would rather be out of work than unhappy but I won’t be doing anything silly like that. That was just because of how wound up I was about the situation and it seems to just be a downward spiral. I’m going to continue doing what I am doing in a hope that I can get the passion back for it and continue to do what I love doing.

I’ve loved every minute of working for the past 9 years and a little blip once in that time is something that is expected, it would be stupid for me to throw it all away for something so stupid. A simple chat could probably sort it all out.

So now that I am feeling better about the situation, a week away from the office and being back home has probably helped, along with lots of cuddles from my dogs too. I think I may have been feeling a little home sick and alone also which didn’t help the situation.

The only way I can explain how I feel is a cloud has been lifted from around me and I can see all the good things in my life whereas before I couldn’t.

I’m hoping that this continues, I have another week away from the office now so hoping that I feel refreshed when I have to go back. I’m also looking at booking a weeks sun holiday where I can completely shut off from everything and just recharge the batteries!

Sorry for the boring posts, this is just something I need to do so I can eventually read back when I am feeling rubbish again to bring me back to reality!

Such a long week

Well the week is finally over! It’s the first week in 3 weeks I have actually done a full one. I’m getting too old for all this working malarky! As much as I love it, creating/designing and getting my #SharePoint head on, some times it’s just a little too much. I’ve been working on my own all week with people off on holiday. Supporting #SharePoint for over 3000 users, over 50 different sites and looking after over 40 servers has definitely taken it’s toll on me this week. Not only that out of hours work also and on call! I had a major failure with just a simple server reboot, windows updates decided to try and install when it was coming back up and got the server stuck in a boot loop. 5 hours later at 2:30am it finally started reverting the changes!

Nothing much has happened this week except work, playing some #Fallout4, eating like a student and finally getting a well overdue tesco delivery done!

I’ve not really got much planned for the weekend except maybe just some sleep and some geekiness. I really fancy trying to get a decent wiki built into #Wordpress if it’s possible, I’ve not actually read up on it and I’ve been looking into getting #Confluence installed on my web server but it turns out it just won’t have enough resources.

Internet Shopping Disaster

Well I’m having quite a bit of back luck at the minute with internet shopping, I’ve ordered three things that each item hasn’t turned up, order cancelled or my order has “been stuck in the system”

Only one of the items was from eBay too which is surprising, the other two were from online shoe retailers which were the real kick in the knackers.

I only wanted a pair of brown shoes (decent ones) so I decided to have a look on the told www and came across a site that had the exact ones I wanted. I placed the order and just waited, eventually I had an email saying they hadn’t passed “quality control” so they were cancelling the order and a full refund was issued. This left me with a couple of days to find some, get them ordered and delivered. I came across “” found some perfect ones and paid for next day delivery (yesterday) however this morning they still hadn’t arrived so I gave them a call. It wasn’t a nice call centre, the woman I was speaking to seemed to huffing and puffing down the phone and was trying to find out what had happened. “oh your order appears to have been stuck in the system and currently in picking, we will try and push it a long and send them out as soon as we can” Well I needed them for tomorrow for my friends wedding. ORDER CANCELLED. She issued the refund straight away and now I’m stuck without any shoes! Fantastic!

Freelander for sale

Well the time has come where I have finally decided I don’t need two cars. As much as I love having them both it’s just not practical having both of them anymore. I have decided to keep my Audi A3 and get shut of the Freelander.

You can view the advert from the link above.

It’s going to be strange not having it anymore but I could really use the money to help pay for my dogs vet bills!

Breathing/Sinus/Snoring Problems!

For the past few years I appear to have had issues with snoring, now to me this isn’t a problem but for the person I am with it really does matter. Apparently It’s so loud my downstairs neighbours have heard it before. Now that is pretty good going.

Its been mentioned before that I also stop breathing when I’m asleep which all points to “Sleep Apnea” which would also explain why I am tired all the time, no motivation and basically a miserable bastard.

I’ve tried all sorts of gadgets to stop snoring:

  • Stop Snoring Rings
  • Electrocution gadget
  • Nostril plugs
  • Different pillows

Now I’m onto my latest gadget NeilMed Sinugator,


It’s a solution you mix with water and sends jets off water shooting up your nose. Now the problem with this is it has salt in the mixture… and when the water goes up your nose it comes back into my mouth (from the inside) which makes me cough all over. I’ve started to do this in the shower every night because it’s the safest place for me to do it! So far it seems to be doing some good but time will tell.

I still have a blocked nose in the morning and really dry mouth (due to breathing through it all night) but eventually I hope that will go! Snoring doesn’t seem to be bad from what I have heard on the sleep recording apps but still happening.

My first ever outdoor run

Well for those of you that know me… you will know this is not something I would normally do! So I’ll give myself a pat on the back.

And for those of you that don’t know me… here is a little bit about me. I’m not overweight, I’m not a fitness person at all, my diet is shocking and I have a massive weakness for fizzy drinks. Especially Coca Cola (full sugar) yeah I know a dentist worst nightmare, but my teeth aren’t that bad. I lived on takeaways for probably the best part of two years, not always but probably 90% of the time. I’ve never weighed more than 14st 3Ibs and I’m currently down to 13st 3Ibs. I’m not sure what my goal is going to be but I’m just going to keep going.

So back to the “My first ever outdoor run” it’s not my first ever, but my first ever since being an adult, I really wish I could go as much as I used to when I was a kid but hey ho, beer, girls, fast food and all the other good stuff had to be explored.

I went out and had all the thoughts going off in my head that I would get a stitch, be out of breath, curled up on the floor dying and an embarrassment, but this wasn’t the case. I ran the first mile before even needing to stop or have a drink, then I changed it to a quick 5 minute walk before starting again. I ran the next mile and had a 5 minute walk again. I had another two walking sessions on the way back but from start to finish my total time was…..wait for it….wait for it…. 37 minutes. Now to me that is really good to say I had all the fears and doubts about myself. Don’t get me wrong my legs were like jelly but I felt good after. The next two days were just me moaning about my legs.

So I decided to treat myself to a running coat, new shorts and man tights along with a nice running t-shirt.

Let’s see if it continues!

Time really does fly

On my old blog some time ago I blogged about how I was moving away. (the blog posts no longer there as I deleted them all for a fresh start) Well when I blogged about this, it was exactly 3 years ago today. That would have made me 27, a week today I going to be 30. It got me thinking how is it possible that I told myself I was only going to move to Bournemouth for 2 years, earn some money and move back North and buy another house? Where has the extra year gone?

It shocked me just how quickly that the 3 years has gone, I remember the first day I moved down here, my Audi completely packed top to bottom with clothes, gadgets and basically all my life possessions! In the 3 years I have lived in 4 houses, had one long term girlfriend and had some amazing holidays (route 66 and others)

I’m not sure if turning 30 is having something to do with all the thoughts I’m having but I’m not sure if I’m scared, excited or nervous! I think it is a little bit of everything, I mean, I have no kids, an ex wife, multiple ex girlfriends and yet I find myself not believing I am actually 30. So much has happened in my life and each and every person, event and adventures have made me the person I am today. It’s scary, I’m still not sure where I want to be, down south or up north. What I want to do for a living is another story too. At the age of 16 I went for an admin apprenticeship and ended up getting an apprenticeship in IT. Now 14 years later I am working in SharePoint, Drupal, Confluence and other collaboration tools. I’ve no idea how I ended up where I am or even where I will end up, all I know is this is a journey I really never expected. The Unknown is something that scares me.

Rubbish start to the day

Today did not go as well as expected, yesterday I had my Freelander in for an MOT and it went very well, passed with only a couple of advisories.

I woke up this morning to a nice sunny morning, no rain, no wind just a little chilly and that is my perfect morning. I got ready for work and set about my day. I set off driving knowing my car was all good but then the trouble started. I drove about a mile when I had to brake for some traffic lights, I knew then and there that something wasn’t quite right so I drove around the corner and pulled in off the main road… then this is what I saw..

Yep completely knackered. Typical. Just as I am about to sell the car!

Oh well, I had to call the recovery truck out because I couldn’t find my locking nut and to be honest I don’t have a clue how to change a tyre! I just wanted to get it sorted.

I’ve ordered a new tyre now and had the faulty one replaced.

Not all bad, I got to take an unexpected day off work and now get to catch up watching all my TV shows. Even though I am £110 out of pocket I’m still smiling 🙂