27 Sep

moving away from home

well, i thought i would start from the very beginning, the new start, the new me, the new well…everything.

my life felt like It was going nowhere fast, i was in a job that i could do with my eyes closed, although i enjoyed working with the people at the office, had friends in the office and basically got on with just about everyone there, the fact i lived almost 40 miles meant i couldn’t really have a social life outside of work with the people who i got on with the most. my friends list was practically empty which meant from 5pm – 8am i didn’t have anyone to talk to except family.

i went on like this for quite a while, i must admit i did enjoy my own space, being able to do what i wanted when i wanted, but to be honest, i had nothing to do on my own. it was quite a lonely existence and one that i couldn’t see myself doing much longer. this is where it all started to change.

at my work, i heard about a job that was coming up and would be a step up, involve something that i really enjoyed working with (SharePoint) and would be a good career progression, the only problem is it would be based 250 miles away from my home (Barnsley) which would mean i would have to relocate to be in with a chance of getting the job. i weighed up all my options even before i had the interview, it probably the most i have ever thought about something before it may be happening. after the interview, i got a call and got offered the job, which i said straight away i would accept.

the hardest part of the whole thing was moving to somewhere that i only knew a handful of people but most importantly leaving all my family and all I’ve ever known behind. this is something that i still struggle with quite often and im not sure that it will ever go, even though its only 4 hours away in a car, it can be difficult to get to see my family.

now when i look back, i realised i have made the right decision, im finally starting to enjoy my job, im making new friends and have a social life and met a great woman who i now live with…but still there feels like there is something missing, my dogs, my family and that great northern accent that i miss hearing every now and then.

overall it has been a good move and lots of things have happened that i didn’t expect.

what keeps me going?

–visiting back home at least once a month
–regularly speaking to my family on the phone
–having a laugh at work and still enjoying my job
–an amazing girlfriend who supports me
–going out and having a good time

all the things above have really helped my situation, im still not ready not call this place home yet even after a year but eventually that might change.

have you moved away from home? how do you cope with not being near your family?